hi,  I’m Kelle.

I love:

innovation, big picture ideation, strategy, analyzing/forecasting how trends ebb & flow with our culture & working with diverse teams of people.

My aesthetic is driven by:

philosophies which value culturally relevant & authentic design. With this perspective, I’ve been able to identify differences between demographics, maximizing product potential.

I like to explore different art mediums like:

illustration, porcelain, character development & somehow manage to get invited into group shows with some amazing artists.

I’m currently living in the Rust Belt wilds of Cleveland, Ohio and work for a greeting card company where I get to focus on design, art direction & development of a wide range of social expression products, brands & trend presentations, utilizing market research & trend analysis, examining design & content that reflect the needs of targeted demographics & company initiatives.

I have two degrees, one in Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, & one in Sociology/Philosophy with a focus on pop culture from Penn State University with my upper credits studies at University of California at Berkeley.

In my spare time, I spend as much time as possible traveling (especially to off-the-beaten-path, international places), studying yoga, checking out the outdoors we’re lucky to have, experimenting with whole health stuff like turmeric coconut milk teas but also good, hot whiskey & peanut butter ice-cream (not usually at the same time). Otherwise, I love relaxing with my hilarious boyfriend and our very grouchy & nasty cat (we love her anyway).

I take my work seriously

… but not myself.